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The "user-end value" war in the printing industry


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The "user-end value" war in the printing industry

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The "user-end value" war in the printing industry

In the raging wave of Internet technology, we are always paying attention to the transformation of giant-level enterprises, either Tencent ToB, Baidu's industrial intelligence, or smart factories of automakers.

Those industries that are not too concerned, traditional and important are actually undergoing silent changes, as much as the star companies and industries. If you understand them, you may have a more comprehensive understanding of the development of science and technology.

For example, Kingdee and Wen's agricultural and animal husbandry industry Internet platform let us see the positive innovation of agriculture and animal husbandry. For example, the traditional investment of tiger printing on the industrial Internet allows us to see even the traditional industries. The determination to catch up with the footsteps of the times.


The "user-end value" war in the printing industry


The industrial Internet in the printing industry has been on the rise for a long time, but it has not been paid attention to by hotspots. Among them, there are new entrepreneurs, and traditional giants have taken the initiative to innovate. In any case, “personalization” is always one of the most important keywords compared to traditional mass production.

The industrial Internet of the printing industry is going to "personalization"

The printing industry Internet has poured into a large number of participants. They have different main bodies and different business directions, but they have a common point of "personalization."


1. Printing enterprises in the industry: business transformation, across non-continuity

Nokia did not complete the transition from a feature machine to a smartphone, known as a non-continuous failure. Any enterprise must cross this kind of business discontinuity in the face of new trends. Otherwise, it may fall out of the era without knowing it.


The "user-end value" war in the printing industry


Traditional printing companies are actively launching the Industrial Internet, and so are the reasons.

For example, he tiger color mentioned above has been completed and put into production in 1989. Today, the 30-year-old Tiger Color (full name Hucai Printing Art Co., Ltd.) has been a symbolic enterprise in the industry. Beginning in 2012, the company began to explore the digital printing + Internet combination model based on traditional business. So far, the industrial Internet related layout has been carried out in three aspects:

It is claimed to build the on-demand publishing business platform “Hu Cai Yun Yin” of China Publishing POD, and reverse printing production according to user orders;

Declaring that it wants to create a "colorful" image of the "Drip" personality image business platform in the image industry, trying to use the Internet shared gameplay to change the traditional photo studio business model. Suppliers and users complete the image customization service and product trading on the platform. The platform also provides a part. Facility of the venue, scenes and scenery;


The "user-end value" war in the printing industry


Small batch of personalized packaging integration platform "Tiger Wing Zhiyin", support small batches, multiple batches, personalized customization.


Tiger Color also defined itself as “a high-tech enterprise with printing as its core”, which shows that the traditional printing industry is eager to embrace the technology era.

In addition to the tiger color, in the printing industry, the packaging giant Yutong Technology's box cool platform, as well as the forest packaging's fast printing package platform, the Internet model for personalized, small batch, customized packaging, are traditional printing enterprise transformation A typical case of non-continuity.


2. Internet Emerging Companies: New Business Model Opportunities

In August 2018, the "small color printing" of the high-frequency printing demand packaging brokers received 10 million yuan of angel round financing, and entered the personalized packaging customization market.

When the new window of opportunity emerges, the market does not always have only traditional players, and emerging entrepreneurs can always find their own opportunities.

Century Kaiyuan, which was invested in the B round of Yida Capital in 2018, is an "Internet + Printing" model, which is led by C2B and S2B2C models, providing one-stop scene customization printing services for end users, and its intelligent printing in 2019. The factory is fully operational;

Sunshine Printing Network, which was established in 2011, has completed three rounds of financing for A, B and C. The investors include Fosun Group and Softbank China. The company focuses on business printing and collection under the Internet platform model (different from traditional offline expansion). ), corporate customers cover a wide range.


3, related parties in the printing industry: diversified expansion of the near water platform

In November 2018, Heidelberg, the leading solution provider in the print media industry, announced the establishment of a joint venture called “Heidelberg NetworX” in Shenzhen, Guangdong, together with the downstream printing company “Xianjunlong” to jointly develop “Web-box” (Web-to -Box)" Digital packaging printing platform.

As early as the beginning of 2018, Heidelberg signed a letter of intent with Yin Junlong, and the dust settled at the end of the year.


The "user-end value" war in the printing industry


Heidelberg and Xianjun Long said that to "service the fast-growing Chinese digital packaging printing market", like Microsoft's notebook, although not necessarily good, but the demonstration value of the downstream industry is certainly not small.

In general, the three-way people gather in the printing industry to innovate, more or less have the shadow of individualization, small batch, customized transformation. The “batch-side massing” of the printing industry Internet gives way to “personalization on the demand side”. The use of the Internet to achieve order aggregation and rapid growth is the main path for them to achieve new business growth.

This is also determined by the demand for refinement, small orders, short cycle, individualization and flexibility in the Internet era, and the comprehensive promotion of digital printing technology provides the basis for technology realization.


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